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Flatten the Curve. #49. Let's Dig into Jade Helm. AI. The Surveillance State. Internet of Things. FISA. Pentagon Preparing for Mass Civil Breakdown. What is Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio? Stay Aware and Get Ahead of the Curve.

Flatten the Curve. Part 48. Source Here
It's getting crazier day by day now, so are you following the Boy Scout motto?
On this topic, Baden-Powell says: Remember your motto, "Be Prepared." Be prepared for accidents by learning beforehand what you ought to do in the different kinds that are likely to occur. Be prepared to do that thing the moment the accident does occur. In Scouting for Boys, Baden-Powell wrote that to Be Prepared means “you are always in a state of readiness in mind and body to do your duty.”
Why should you be prepared? Because TPTB have been preparing, that’s why.
June 12, 2014: The Guardian • Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown. Social science is being militarised to develop 'operational tools' to target peaceful activists and protest movements Source Here
Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown. It seemed ludicrous back in 2014, didn't it? Inconceivable. Sure some preppers believed it, but they're always getting ready and nothing happened. Doomsday was always right around the corner, and then the next corner, and on and on. Televangelists have probably accused more politicians of being the antichrist than the number of politicians went to Epstein's Island.
But why would they be preparing for mass civil breakdown? Could it be the same reason as why the miltary is preparing for war, droughts and famines brought about by environmental collapse?
February 20, 2020: History Network • Here’s Why These Six Ancient Civilizations Mysteriously Collapsed. From the Maya to Greenland’s Vikings, check out six civilizations that seemingly disappeared without a trace. Source Here
All of these civilizations vanished because of some combination of exhausting their natural resources, drought, plauge, and the little ice age. Sound familiar? Don't tell me that the Rockefeller Foundation and BlackRock became environmentally aware out of a sense of obligation to the planet. They're setting the groundwork for what's coming down the pipe. This isn't about money anymore, this is about control and survival. Throw out the rulebook because the rules no longer apply.
Do you think the surveillance system is for your protection, or the protection of the state? Don't you think that an era of upcoming calamities will severely damage the communication networks, and thus the surveillance system? It might be prudent to consider that Starlink is being established to make the system redundant, so that they never lose track of the precious worker bees before they can be connected to the AI hive mind, right Elon? Neuralink, don't leave home without it.
But let's not forget about the wonderful world of the Internet of Things.
March 15, 2012 • More and more personal and household devices are connecting to the internet, from your television to your car navigation systems to your light switches. CIA Director David Petraeus cannot wait to spy on you through them. Earlier this month, Petraeus mused about the emergence of an "Internet of Things" -- that is, wired devices -- at a summit for In-Q-Tel, the CIA's venture capital firm. "'Transformational' is an overused word, but I do believe it properly applies to these technologies," Petraeus enthused, "particularly to their effect on clandestine tradecraft." All those new online devices are a treasure trove of data if you're a "person of interest" to the spy community. Once upon a time, spies had to place a bug in your chandelier to hear your conversation. With the rise of the "smart home," you'd be sending tagged, geolocated data that a spy agency can intercept in real time when you use the lighting app on your phone to adjust your living room's ambiance. "Items of interest will be located, identified, monitored, and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification, sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters -- all connected to the next-generation internet using abundant, low-cost, and high-power computing," Petraeus said, "the latter now going to cloud computing, in many areas greater and greater supercomputing, and, ultimately, heading to quantum computing." Petraeus allowed that these household spy devices "change our notions of secrecy" and prompt a rethink of "our notions of identity and secrecy." All of which is true -- if convenient for a CIA director. The CIA has a lot of legal restrictions against spying on American citizens. But collecting ambient geolocation data from devices is a grayer area, especially after the 2008 carve-outs to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Hardware manufacturers, it turns out, store a trove of geolocation data; and some legislators have grown alarmed at how easy it is for the government to track you through your phone or PlayStation. That's not the only data exploit intriguing Petraeus. He's interested in creating new online identities for his undercover spies -- and sweeping away the "digital footprints" of agents who suddenly need to vanish. "Proud parents document the arrival and growth of their future CIA officer in all forms of social media that the world can access for decades to come," Petraeus observed. "Moreover, we have to figure out how to create the digital footprint for new identities for some officers." Source Here
December 19, 2019: New York Times • THE DATA REVIEWED BY TIMES OPINION didn’t come from a telecom or giant tech company, nor did it come from a governmental surveillance operation. It originated from a location data company, one of dozens quietly collecting precise movements using software slipped onto mobile phone apps. You’ve probably never heard of most of the companies — and yet to anyone who has access to this data, your life is an open book. They can see the places you go every moment of the day, whom you meet with or spend the night with, where you pray, whether you visit a methadone clinic, a psychiatrist’s office or a massage parlor. The Times and other news organizations have reported on smartphone tracking in the past. But never with a data set so large. Even still, this file represents just a small slice of what’s collected and sold every day by the location tracking industry — surveillance so omnipresent in our digital lives that it now seems impossible for anyone to avoid. It doesn’t take much imagination to conjure the powers such always-on surveillance can provide an authoritarian regime like China’s. Within America’s own representative democracy, citizens would surely rise up in outrage if the government attempted to mandate that every person above the age of 12 carry a tracking device that revealed their location 24 hours a day. Yet, in the decade since Apple’s App Store was created, Americans have, app by app, consented to just such a system run by private companies. Now, as the decade ends, tens of millions of Americans, including many children, find themselves carrying spies in their pockets during the day and leaving them beside their beds at night — even though the corporations that control their data are far less accountable than the government would be. Source Here
The IoT should be renamed to IoTT (Internet of Tracking Things), shouldn't it. But we can't have people figure out what's really happening, can we? It's a good thing that quantum computing isn't too close, isn’t it?
April 5, 2018: Global News • (Project Maven) Over 3,000 Google employees have a signed a petition in protest against the company’s involvement with a U.S. Department of Defense artificial intelligence (AI) project that studies imagery and could eventually be used to improve drone strikes in the battlefield. Source Here
December 12, 2019 • Palantir took over Project Maven defense contract after Google backed out. Source Here
December 29, 2020: Input • Palantir exec says its work is on par with the Manhattan Project. Comparing AI to most lethal weapon in human history isn’t comforting. SourceHere
August 14, 2020: Venture: • Google researchers use quantum computing to help improve image classification. Source Here
Hmmm. Maybe Apple will be for the little guy? They have always valued privacy rights, right?
October 2, 2013: Vice News • The hacktivist group Anonymous released a video statement with an accompanying Pastebin document claiming that there are definitive links between AuthenTec, the company that developed the iPhone 5S’s fingerprint scanner, and the US government. Source Here
An apple a day helps the NSA. Or Google. Or Microsoft. Or Amazon. Take your pick from the basket, because dem Apple's are all the same. But at least we have fundamental rights, right?
Foreign agent declaration not required • No mention of foreign agent status is made in the Protect America Act of 2007. Under prior FISA rules, persons targeted for surveillance must have been declared as foreign agents before a FISA warrant would be accorded by the FISC court.
'Quasi-anti-terrorism law' for all-forms of intelligence collection • Vastly marketed by U.S. federal and military agencies as a law to prevent terror attacks, the Protect America Act was actually a law focused on the 'acquisition' of desired intelligence information, of unspecified nature. The sole requirement is geolocation outside the United States at time of Directive invocation; pursuant to Authorization or Order invocation, surveillance Directives can be undertaken towards persons targeted for intelligence information gathering. Implementation of Directives can take place inside the United States or outside the United States. No criminal or terrorism investigation of the person need be in play at time of the Directive. All that need be required is that the target be related to an official desire for intelligence information gathering for actions on part of persons involved in surveillance to be granted full immunity from U.S. criminal or civil procedures, under Section 105B(l) of the Act.
Removal of FISA Strictures from warrant authorization; warrants not required • But the most striking aspect of the Protect America Act was the notation that any information gathering did not comprise electronic surveillance. This wording had the effect of removing FISA-related strictures from Protect America Act 2007-related Directives, serving to remove a number of protections for persons targeted, and requirements for persons working for U.S. intelligence agencies.
The acquisition does not constitute electronic surveillance • The removal of the term electronic surveillance from any Protect America Act Directive implied that the FISC court approval was no longer required, as FISA warrants were no longer required. In the place of a warrant was a certification, made by U.S. intelligence officers, which was copied to the Court. In effect, the FISC became less of a court than a registry of pre-approved certifications.Certifications (in place of FISA warrants) were able to be levied ex post facto, in writing to the Court no more than 72 hours after it was made. The Attorney General was to transmit as soon as possible to the Court a sealed copy of the certification that would remain sealed unless the certification was needed to determine the legality of the acquisition.Source Here
Oh. FISA is basically a rubber stamp. And even if it the stage play wasn't pretending to follow the script, would it matter? Who could actually stop it at this point? The cat's out of the bag and Pandoras Box is open.
Controversial debates arose as the Protect America Act was published. Constitutional lawyers and civil liberties experts expressed concerns that this Act authorized massive, wide-ranging information gathering with no oversight. Whereas it placed much focus on communications, the Act allowed for information gathering of all shapes and forms. The ACLU called it the "Police America Act" – "authorized a massive surveillance dragnet", calling the blank-check oversight provisions "meaningless," and calling them a "phony court review of secret procedures."
So the surveillance state doesn't have checks and balances anymore. The state is preparing for Massive Civil Breakdown. They keep warning us about environmental collapse. Got it? Good. Let's keep on keeping on.
The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 created a single new district corporation governing the entire federal territory, called the District of Columbia, thus dissolving the three major political subdivisions of the District (Port of Georgetown, the City of Washington, and Washington County) and their governments. Source Here)
The first big leap in corporate personhood from holding mere property and contract rights to possessing more expansive rights was a claim that the Equal Protection Clause applied to corporations. One of the strangest twists in American constitutional law was the moment that corporations gained personhood under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. It occurred in a case called Santa Clara County, and what was odd was that the Supreme Court did not really even decide the matter in the actual opinion. It only appeared in a footnote to the case. What we are likely to have at the conclusion of the Supreme Court term is corporations that are empowered to spend in American elections because of Bellotti and Citizens United; corporations that can make religious objections thanks to Hobby Lobby; and if Jesner turns out as badly as I predict, corporations will be able to aid and abet human rights violations abroad with impunity. Source Here
"Having a corporation would allow people to put property into a collective ownership that could be held with perpetual existence," she says. "So it wouldn't be tied to any one person's lifespan, or subject necessarily to laws regarding inheriting property." Later on, in the United States and elsewhere, the advantages of incorporation were essential to efficient and secure economic development. Unlike partnerships, the corporation continued to exist even if a partner died; there was no unanimity required to do something; shareholders could not be sued individually, only the corporation as a whole, so investors only risked as much as they put into buying shares. Source Here
The way that the Arab Bank may get away with this alleged morally troubling behavior, even though it has a New York branch, is by reasserting the basic argument that was made in Nestle USA and Kiobel II: that the federal Alien Tort Statute was not intended to apply to corporations full stop. Given other cases in this area like Mohamad v. PLO, which held the word “individual” in the Torture Victim Protection Act means a natural person and does not impose any liability against organizations, the Arab Bank’s procorporate argument may well prevail. There are multiple federal Circuit Courts which have shot down the argument that corporations are immune from suit under the Alien Tort Statute. The lone outlier is the Second Circuit, which decided in 2010 that corporations are excused from suit in Kiobel I. This is the case that was appealed to the Supreme Court and became Kiobel II. Jesner v. Arab Bank was litigated in the Second Circuit. One question in Jesner was what exactly did Kiobel II do to Kiobel I. So far in the litigation, Jesner concluded that Kiobel I and its conclusion that corporations can’t be sued in federal court using the Alien Tort Statute remained the controlling law of the Second Circuit.
There's a reason people call lawyers snakes, it's because most of them speak with forked tounges. So the corporation isn't being held liable, but the shareholders can't be held liable either. That's too insane to even be called a Catch 22. We are literally being set up to have no recourse because there isn’t anybody who can be held responsible. Why is that important when I've been talking about the surveillance state?
July 14, 2020: The Intercept • Microsoft’s police surveillance services are often opaque because the company sells little in the way of its own policing products. It instead offers an array of “general purpose” Azure cloud services, such as machine learning and predictive analytics tools like Power BI (business intelligence) and Cognitive Services, which can be used by law enforcement agencies and surveillance vendors to build their own software or solutions. A rich array of Microsoft’s cloud-based offerings is on full display with a concept called “The Connected Officer.” Microsoft situates this concept as part of the Internet of Things, or IoT, in which gadgets are connected to online servers and thus made more useful. “The Connected Officer,” Microsoft has written, will “bring IoT to policing.” With the Internet of Things, physical objects are assigned unique identifiers and transfer data over networks in an automated fashion. If a police officer draws a gun from its holster, for example, a notification can be sent over the network to alert other officers there may be danger. Real Time Crime Centers could then locate the officer on a map and monitor the situation from a command and control center. Source Here
Uhm, I guess it's really is all connected, isn’t it?
June 18, 2020: The Guardian • How Target, Google, Bank of America and Microsoft quietly fund police through private donations. More than 25 large corporations in the past three years have contributed funding to private police foundations, new report says. Source Here
Long live the Military Industrial Techno Surveillance State. If you have nothing to hide, than you have nothing to worry about. Really? Are we still believing that line? Cause it's a load of crap. If we have nothing to worry about, then why are they worried enough to be implementing surveillance systems with corresponding units on the ground? Got your attention there, didn't I?
August 19, 2019: Big Think • Though the term "Orwellian" easily applies to such a technology, Michel's illuminating reporting touches something deeper. Numerous American cities have already been surveilled using these god-like cameras, including Gorgon Stare, a camera-enabled drone that can track individuals over a 50-square kilometer radius from 20,000 feet. Here's the real rub: the feature that allows users to pinch and zoom on Instagram is similar to what WAMI allows. Anything within those 50-square kilometers is now under the microscope. If this sounds like some futuristic tech, think again: Derivations of this camera system have been tested in numerous American cities. Say there is a big public protest. With this camera you can follow thousands of protesters back to their homes. Now you have a list of the home addresses of all the people involved in a political movement. If on their way home you witness them committing some crime—breaking a traffic regulation or frequenting a location that is known to be involved in the drug trade—you can use that surveillance data against them to essentially shut them up. That's why we have laws that prevent the use of surveillance technologies because it is human instinct to abuse them. That's why we need controls. Source Here
Want to know more about the Gorgon Stare? Flatten the Curve. Part 12. Source Here
Now, I'm not sure if you remember or know any Greek Mythology, but the Gorgons were three sisters, and one sister had Snakes on her head (she wasn't a lawyer) and she turned people to stone when she looked at them.
MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) is a directed-energy non-lethal weapon designed by WaveBand Corporation in 2003-2004 for temporary personnel incapacitation. The weapon is based on the microwave auditory effect resulting in a strong sound sensation in the human head when it is subject to certain kinds of pulsed/modulated microwave radiation. The developers claimed that through the combination of pulse parameters and pulse power, it is possible to raise the auditory sensation to a “discomfort” level, deterring personnel from entering a protected perimeter or, if necessary, temporarily incapacitating particular individuals. In 2005, Sierra Nevada Corporation acquired WaveBand Corporation.
Ok. Get it? The Gorgon eye in the sky stares at you while the Medusa makes you immobile. Not good, but at least it'll just freeze you in your tracks.
July 6, 2008: Gizmodo • The Sierra Nevada Corporation claimed this week that it is ready to begin production on the MEDUSA, a damned scary ray gun that uses the "microwave audio effect" to implant sounds and perhaps even specific messages inside people's heads. Short for Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio, MEDUSA creates the audio effect with short microwave pulses. The pulses create a shockwave inside the skull that's detected by the ears, and basically makes you think you're going balls-to-the-wall batshit insane. Source Here
Uhm. And drive you insane.
July 26, 2008: Gizmodo • The MEDUSA crowd control ray gun we reported on earlier this month sounded like some pretty amazing-and downright scary-technology. Using the microwave auditory effect, the beam, in theory, would have put sounds and voice-like noises in your head, thereby driving you away from the area. Crowd control via voices in your head. Sounds cool. However, it turns out that the beam would actually kill you before any of that happy stuff started taking place, most likely by frying or cooking your brain inside your skull. Can you imagine if this thing made it out into the field? Awkward! Source Here
Annnnnnnndddddd it'll kill you.
Guys, they're prepared. They've been prepared. They're ready. Remember the Doomsday Bunkers? The military moving into Cheyenne Mountain? Deep Underground Military Bunkers? The rapid rolling out of 5G? BITCOIN and UBI so neatly inserted into our minds over the last five years? They've directly told us to have three months of supplies in our homes. 2020 isn't going to be an anomaly? It's the start of the collapse of our natural resources. Take a look on Reddit and all the posts about crazy weather. Cyanobacteria blooms killing dogs and people. Toxic Super Pollution caused by atmospheric inversions killing people. This isn’t normal, this is New Normal. And they know it. They've known it for a while. Let me show you one last thing before I wrap it up.
From the earliest Chinese dynasties to the present, the jade deposits most used were not only those of Khotan in the Western Chinese province of Xinjiang but other parts of China as well, such as Lantian, Shaanxi.
Remember, words matter. Look at Gorgon Stare and Medusa. They don't randomly grab names out of a hat, or pick them because they think it sounds dystopian. They pick words for a reason.
July 7, 2017: The Warzone • There only appears to be one official news story on this exercise at all and it's available on the website of Air Mobility Command’s Eighteenth Air Force, situated at Joint Base Charleston. At the time of writing, a google shows that there were more than a half dozen more copies on other Air Force pages, as well as number of photographs. For some reason, someone appears to have taken these offline or otherwise broken all the links. Using Google to search the Defense Video Imagery Distribution System, which is the main U.S. military's public affairs hub, brings up more broken links. Oh, and unless there's been some sort of mistake, JADE HELM actually stands for the amazingly obtuse Joint Assistance for Deployment Execution Homeland Eradication of Local Militants. A separate web search for this phrase does not turn up any other results. Source Here
Now, using an acronym that indicates training to Eradicate Local Militants seems pretty dumb. It may be used in that manner if environmental collapse triggers riots, but i don't think they would warn everyone ahead of time, do you? So I dug a little bit more.
Joint Assistant for Development and Execution (JADE) is a U.S. military system used for planning the deployment of military forces in crisis situations. The U.S. military developed this automated planning software system in order to expedite the creation of the detailed planning needed to deploy military forces for a military operation. JADE uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology combining user input, a knowledge base of stored plans, and suggestions by the system to provide the ability to develop large-scale and complex plans in minimal time. JADE is a knowledge-based system that uses highly structured information that takes advantage of data hierarchies. An official 2016 document approved for public release titled Human Systems Roadmap Review describes plans to create autonomous weapon systems that analyze social media and make decisions, including the use of lethal force, with minimal human involvement. This type of system is referred to as a Lethal Autonomous Weapon System (LAWS). The name "JADE" comes from the jade green color seen on the island of Oahu in Hawaii where the U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM) is headquartered.
PACOM? Why isn't that command group responsible for the South China Sea?
Formerly known as United States Pacific Command (USPACOM) since its inception, the command was renamed to U.S. Indo-Pacific Command on 30 May 2018, in recognition of the greater emphasis on South Asia, especially India.
Now doesn't it look like Jade Helm is preparing for an invasion? And possibly insurrection later. Or at the same time? Or riots over WW3? Or food riots? And start thinking about why the laws are starting to exclude corporations? Then think about the mercenaries that are being contracted out by the government.
October 17, 2018: The Carolinan • In 2016, 75 percent of American forces were private contractors. In 2017, Erik Prince, former head of Blackwater, and Stephen Feinberg, head of Dyncorp, discussed plans for contractors completely taking over U.S. operations in Afghanistan. Although ultimately unsuccessful, it remains to be seen if the current administration will change its mind. Contractors are involved in almost every military task, such as intelligence analysis, logistics and training allied soldiers. Contractors are even involved in U.S. special ops missions. This is because contractors are essentially untraceable and unaccountable. Most are born in other countries; only 33 percent are registered U.S. citizens. Private military firms don’t have to report their actions to Congress, unlike the military or intelligence agencies. They also aren’t subject to the Freedom of Information Act, so private citizens and journalists aren’t allowed to access their internal documents. There are also no international laws to regulate private military firms. It’s been proven that many contractors are involved in illegal activities. The larger multinational companies sometimes hire local subcontractors. These contractors sometimes aren’t background-checked. A 2010 investigation by the Senate found that many subcontractors were linked to murders, kidnappings, bribery and anti-coalition activities. Some subcontractors even formed their own unlicensed mercenary groups after coalition forces leave. A 2010 House investigation showed evidence that the Department of Defense had hired local warlords for security services. In 2007, Blackwater contractors massacred 17 civilians. This eventually led Blackwater to being restructured and renamed as Academi. Source Here
Military Exercises. Private Defense Firms. No oversight. And it's all coming soon. Read more at Flatten the Curve. Part 20. Upcoming war and catastrophes. Source Here
Nah. I'm just fear mongering and Doomscrolling again.
Heads up and eyes open. Talk soon.
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AMA with Tezos on ARK slack

All welcome @breitwoman (Kathleen) and @rawzeee (Ross) from - today they will answer any of your questions regarding their upcoming project
breitwoman By way of introduction, I am Kathleen Breitman, the CEO of the company which created Tezos. I am tag teaming this with @rawzeee, who works for the Swiss Foundation which will be responsible for running the crowdsale later this month. Ross will handle crowdsale-specific questions.
rawzeee Hello! Greetings from Zug!
jamiec79 :wave:
breitwoman Very jealous of Ross right now, Zug is gorgeous
techbytes Welcome.
rawzeee I saw a man playing an alphorn in front of UBS today. Most Swiss thing I could've imagined possible.
arkvader Greetings from far far away....
tranzer Hi Tezos! I have 1st question, by the looks of it Tezos will be in OCaml right? Why did you decide on OCaml? Are there any advantages over other languages?
mike Hi Kathleen and Ross, good to see you.
moobox hello Tezos people
breitwoman @tranzer great question. we wrote the protocol in OCaml. It was a confluence of a few things... Pragmatically, we found a great team with an emphasis on OCaml based in France and Arthur (CTO) is a French national so it was possible to work with them pretty seamlessly. On the technical side, OCaml is a great PL for writing code that can later be formally verified. Security and consistency of execution are two principles we tried to optimize for and OCaml lends itself well to those goals. See also section 1.4: (edited)
dr10 hello tezos
breitwoman howdy all!
dr10 How would you shortly & easy-to-understand sum-up the advantages of TEZOS to magazines and non-crypto people?
tranzer What consensus system will you use? Like PoS or some hybrid? Will there be any rewards for signing blocks?
breitwoman My TL;DR runs on two talking points -- Tezos is a new blockchain that aims to create a robust governance model by allowing token-holders to come to consensus on protocol upgrades but also preserve rules over time by using mathematical proofs. Unlike previous blockchains, it can deploy upgrades to the network in an elegant and seamless way.
@tranzer we have our own POS algo. We have nominal inflation in the protocol to incentivize participation.
dr10 So in easy words, Tezos is built to easily adapt to any technic innovations?
breitwoman @dr10 yes, it was borne out of the first alt coin craze when everyone deployed a new token to instantiate even the most marginal improvement
dr10 okay
breitwoman Tezos wants to preserve network effects while keeping pace with innovation
dr10 Your whitepaper has very tech-heavy language. So I'd like to ask questions that are stupid and simple. :smile: What are the three crypto-currencies that are most similar to yours and yet why is Tezos different?
breitwoman Yeah, the position paper is more accessible
dr10 yeah i've read them all
breitwoman 1. Decred. Though they don't push automatic upgrades and they can't introspect on the protocol. 2. Dash. Though they also don't push automatic upgrades, can't introspect, and I think their funding model is a little backwards. 3. Ethereum has a lot of similar technical goals but no formal, on-chain governance model. We made our protocol with a bigger emphasis on formal verification and security.
someonesomeone Hi guys!
dr10 thank you! and hi someone :smile:
In your position paper you state "Tezos truly aims to be the last cryptocurrency." No matter what innovations other protocols produce, it will be possible for Tezos stakeholders to adopt these innovations" - Can Tezos implement any future innovations within its code? Wether its a new programming code, artificial intelligence or implementing big data of anything?
i wondered about that
i am a no-coder so I dont grasp everything
tranzer How much do you aim to raise in your ICO will there be any minimum or maximum? Will it be normal proportional auction or fixed price per token?
breitwoman @dr10 obviously limitations to anything that a blockchain can do... it can't solve poverty or hunger, but we made the code with a very modular design that allows for a lot of flexibility
someonesomeone @breitwoman do you plan on doing a smartbridge with Ark? Or any other partnerships with them? :wink:
dr10 yeah but I am wondering about future innovations like artificial intelligence, if that can somehow be implemented.
breitwoman @smartbridge good question. I like Ark but I'm not familiar enough with what they're up to... open to all sorts of things though!
dr10 My theory is that these future innovations will be interconnected by cryptocurrency
breitwoman @dr10 So, our CTO is a bona fide expert in AI and he doesn't think there are a lot of synergies with AI and blockchains
dr10 What is block target time? What is transaction speed? How many confirmations are needed? Couldnt see that / find that... maybe I oversaw :smile:
breitwoman but we'll keep our eyes peeled
dr10 okay
someonesomeone @breitwoman cool. Ark is doing a great job from what I can gather and I am pretty sure that I will also invest into your ICO, since your project also looks very interesting
breitwoman @dr10 I think that's all referenced in the white paper, which was recently updated!
soporificprose Can you answer Tanzer... I have same questions.
breitwoman That's a good question for @rawzeee
dr10 okay, maybe I oversaw. I have read them all. no problem
In your Whitepaper you state "Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptonote, etc. can all be represented within Tezos by implementing the proper interface to the network layer." Does this mean you try to interconnect all those cryptocurrencies? (edited)
breitwoman @dr10 we're targeting 1 minute between blocks. We haven't set a blocksize yet, but we'll her on the side of caution at first. It's better to raise the blocksize through the amendment mechanism once we are confident in the network's throughput.
jakethepanda Will users be able to issue asset tokens and build on top of Tezos?
breitwoman @dr10 no, that's more like Cosmos... a different but cool project
dr10 ark is doing that too
rawzeee There is no minimum or maximum, though if only a few million were raised stakeholders would be asked whether or not they wanted to offer another TGE (Token Generation Event) to newcomers. Fixed price of 1 BTC to 5000 XTZ (tezzies), plus a descending bonus from 20% to 0% in 5% intervals every 400 BTC blocks. The entire TGE lasts 2000 BTC blocks. tranzer How much do you aim to raise in your ICO will there be any minimum or maximum? Will it be normal proportional auction or fixed price per token? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 7:12 PM
dr10 I didnt find on that one, or didnt look too deep. What are the references of you and your team members? On what projects did you work before?
breitwoman @jakethepanda yes, they will but we think it's a better idea to propose those features that you'd find in an appcoin as a first class citizen
rawzeee Yes, was typing the answer up! It's posted now. soporificprose Can you answer Tanzer... I have same questions. Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 7:15 PM
breitwoman @dr10 I'm a pretty open book... I've worked in finance at a hedge fund and a VC, then in consulting... Arthur worked in high frequency trading for many years at places like Goldman and Morgan. Our developers are very academic
dachshund what type of role/influence do your initial investors (polychain, etc) have in the overall governance of the network, if any
dr10 What is the Payment for ICO? Paying in ETH or BTC or any other and how much will one Token cost?
breitwoman Technically, none. We sold a nominal amount of tokens to a large group of people. They have the same status as any other participant but got a slight discount over the crowdsale price for tying up their capital for several months.
techbytes that include Tim Draper?
breitwoman I solicit their advice a lot though... it's a really savvy bunch and I was a one-woman band on the operational side.
raolin Hey Kathleen - has your team given anymore thought to the post ICO mission? Roadmap? Additional team expansion?
soporificprose Are they restricted from selling for a certain length of time?
breitwoman no
@raolin check out our outline at the end of our presentation
tranzer How much was sold to those pre-ico funders?
breitwoman All in here guys: 612k at an avg 31% discount
rawzeee I listed the BTC ratio above. It's 1 BTC for 5000 XTZ (tezzies) plus a bonus or lack thereof based upon time periods. If you choose to use fiat Bitcoin Suisse AG who is administering the TGE (check their rates and your jurisdiction) they will peg it to BTC. Ether is pegged to BTC and will be accepted at the median (from Poloniex, Kraken, and GDAX) of the last three trade prices utilizing the ETH/BTC pair before the timestamp of the Ethereum block at the time of contribution. It’ll be offered on a best-effort basis and for convenience. If you want certainty contribute with Bitcoin. Otherwise you accept the risk that the exchange rate you'll get may not be precisely what you see on the screen at the moment of your contribution. You may also use other coins via ShapeShift. (edited)
dr10 you will hit poloniex, kraken and gdax?
rawzeee That is referring to the peg of ETH to BTC.
all XTZ are pegged to the BTC price for the TGE.
dr10 ah ok
rawzeee I'm an acronym storm over here!
dr10 Is there already some plan or future business relationship with merchants, exchanges or anything that Tezos could be used as a payment method? Anything you want to share already?
dachshund What were your considerations when deciding to make the ICO un-capped? Any concerns regarding the impact there could be on the price once this starts trading (i.e. no price discovery)
breitwoman @dr10 we've been talking to two exchanges for several months. I'm pretty confident Tezos won't have trouble on that front. I have two partnerships in the works that I'm excited about but shouldn't discuss yet.
soporificprose Curious whether pre-ICO investors paid with BTC or fiat?
breitwoman @dachshund it's primarily about fairness and distribution.
ryano Are you familiar with BOScoin? They once were also using ocaml not sure if they stuck with that. Any comments on the benefits relative to each other
breitwoman @soporificprose fiat
dr10 Can everyone that holds a Tezos token vote on a proposal? Do they have to pay or temporaily lock in the Tokens? How does it work? It sounds like everyone can vote directly, right?
ryano Also i thought Tezos was using delegate proof of stake is this no longer or never was the case ?
breitwoman @ryano that's news to me. I have not gotten a straight answer from them on any technical questions
rawzeee The reasoning for the uncapped TGE here is that the platform is almost entirely done (not an ICO for a white paper) and it is desired that a robust network is built rather than a few fast fingers buying up the entire TGE in minutes or hours. This is particularly important given how governance will work on Tezos.
breitwoman @ryano we are using delegated proof of stake, @dr10 that means you can delegate your responsibilities to someone else if you don't want to be an active participant
dr10 I see
What is the Prediction Market about that you want to implement regarding "Futarchy"? I didnt get that right away
mike Tezos form of DPoS looks very similar to proxy voting, like Liquid Democracy.
breitwoman @mike yes, it is
good catch
soporificprose So their 30% discount was based on the price of BTC at that point? That would make it a much bigger actual discount yo current BTC to 5,000 TZE
breitwoman @soporificprose pardon? no, it was all denominated in dollars
the sale is denominated in BTC
mike I want to add that to Ark at some point as well.
dr10 What is the practical advantage to decentralized, atomated upgrades - compared to lets say Litecoin's Segwit Process?
breitwoman @dr10 yeah I'd read this piece from Robin Hanson first ... but basically you'd run a predicition market with a prompt like "What do you think would be the best feature for Tezos" with many choices and whatever gets the popular vote would be implemented.
dr10 And this predicting/voting will happen inside the wallet?
mike ryano has some very interesting ideas on ranked voting. Have you looked into ways to combine ranked with proxy voting?
breitwoman @dr10 we think defaults matter. upgrading protocols is cumbersome in existing blockchain implementations and it causes stasis
tranzer Is wallet and whole network already developed (since you said platform is ready) ?
sibars @rawzeee Sorry newbie question: Can you please explain in details how the TGE will work on day one?... I download the wallet fist, send you my BTC and then you send me the Tezzies?
breitwoman @mike not closely. we think our first implementation, a straight vanilla two phased vote, is too simplistic. I'd like to discuss more sophisticated mechanisms if you've thought them through!
I know Arthur loves him some futarchy but I'm not as big of a fan
mike that would be a great discussion, look forward to exploring voting systems with you. we plan to try them on bridged chains which can be run as experiments.
breitwoman @mike that's awesome
dr10 xD
Tezos focusses also on faster smart contracts as I understood, right?
breitwoman @dr10 more secure, not necessarily faster
dr10 okay
breitwoman our smart contract language, Michelson, was created with formal verification in mind
mike That named after the Michelson of Michelson-Morley Interferometer? (edited)
dr10 And it uses ZeroCash as privacy mechanism? Or the whitepaper only compared to it and you use something different? I couldnt identify that
breitwoman @mike you got it! Wikipedia Albert A. Michelson Albert Abraham Michelson (surname pronunciation anglicized as "Michael-son", December 19, 1852 – May 9, 1931) was an American physicist known for his work on the measurement of the speed of light and especially for the Michelson–Morley experiment. In 1907 he received the Nobel Prize in Physics. He became the first American to receive the Nobel Prize in sciences. (177kB)
dachshund is there something similar to "gas" in tezos that controls for computation of each program, or how do you get around that?
rawzeee @sibars No worries at all. There is a dedicated TGE site (register for updates at It'll guide you through the process. You'll generate a paper wallet (easy click through) with seed words. You can save it to a drive and/or print it (probably most secure). You'll verify your wallet number and password you created to generate it, then make your purchase to your wallet #. You can then verify it and make sure it's reflected in the wallet. It'll be simple and easy with a nice interface.
breitwoman @dr10 not yet but Zooko is an advisor and we have spoken about integration. we are more interested in STARKs, the next gen of zero-knowledge
dr10 I see
breitwoman @dachshund yes, we have the concept of gas as well
dr10 I guess you already answered that:
In your Whitepaper you say: Crypto-currencies suffer from the same fate as smartphones which are incompatible with one another; they derive their value from a network effect, or the number of users who have given it value. - ARK will connect all Crypto-currencies by SMARTBRIDGING. Can you imagine working with ARK Smartbridge in your protocol aswell?
yeah you did :smile:
sibars @rawzeee Thanks :)
dr10 More secure Smart Contracts, automatic upgrades in a DPoS model. Any other main focusses or any other attributes you want to innovate or improve compared to other cryptos?
tranzer So will Tezos offer assets on their blockchain like ethereum?
breitwoman @dr10 well, I think that covers the main talking
@tranzer we can, but we think it's more powerful to integrate at the protocol level
dachshund how has traction been within the developer community? I imagine there isn't a limitless pool of developers with the required technical expertise, so you must be expecting to take away from other networks?
mike This is a good overview as well, for those who haven't seen it, (edited)
geops This all sounds great. The only thing that bothers me is the 1min block time. That seems like a step back compared to modern blockchains. Any goals to improve that?
breitwoman @dachshund we have a very powerful core team. we think our choice of programming language was a good magnet and filter effects. we haven't sourced from other blockchain communities
@geops yeah, that's all pretty flexible
tranzer What is your budgeting plan if you get like 20m how long will that be for? 5 years? More?
geops If you look at integrating with ARK smartbridge tech, you'll sure get lots of investors from here :slightly_smiling_face:
breitwoman @tranzer we go over this a bit in our recent presentation:
check out the second to last page
tranzer Yeah I'd like to see that as well geops, @fixcrypt is amazing developer from what I have seen so far
breitwoman @geops yeah, totally something we should explore. we're a small team so any partnerships or serious integration have been tabled for later
But I like the idea of ARK and I like what I've seen... so very open to this!
tranzer Must say I like what I'm hearing here will definately invest a few btc
dr10 yes me too
geops definitely good ideas
breitwoman Cool, glad to hear it!
dr10 I think the future of blockchains will be in partnerships too
tranzer dr10 I think so as well that is why I invested in ARK in first place too much competiting and too little cooperation (in other projects) (edited)
rawzeee Hooray! Happy y'all may participate in the TGE.
geops maybe you guys should sit down with @mike and @fixcrypt and discuss possible future collaborations. (edited)
mike Yes, I like the vision laid out by Andreas Antonopolis of many thousands or more of specialized tokens and chains for different applications.
tranzer OK so last question from me that 20% bonus will be for entire 400 first BTC blocks when you start?
jacob breitwoman: Quadratic voting might work for Tezos ( ERIC POSNER Quadratic voting Glen Weyl has uploaded a new version of his paper, Quadratic Voting (written with Steven Lalley), to SSRN, which now includes the completed proofs. Quadratic voting is the most important idea for l… Dec 30th, 2014 at 3:57 PM
breitwoman good question for @rawzeee
rawzeee @tranzer yes, indeed!
breitwoman @jacob yes, that's something we've considered
mike Glad to see you have Johann Gevers on board, is he active with the foundation?
breitwoman we didn't want to be prescriptive with v1, so we made it very easy to understand
rawzeee So there is about two days to get that bonus. Then 15% for the same period and so on.
breitwoman @mike yes, he's the director. and he's awesome. total mensch and very philosophically committed to our project
rawzeee I actually had a meeting with Johann today in Zug.
mike Really like Monetas, glad to see there doing well, and the creation of the Zug crypto environment is fantastic.
breitwoman @mike we went through a lot of ups and downs while developing Tezos. basically nobody cared about us for a while, until the DAO basically. Johann always encouraged us to keep going.
yeah, the crypto valley is a brilliant concept
rawzeee It's pretty magical.
tranzer You living there?
breitwoman @tranzer I'm US-based
rawzeee I'm just here for awhile. Also US-based.
nikandro Hi all, sorry if this has already been discussed, but have you spoken with any exchanges about adding Tezos?
breitwoman @nikandro yes, but it's a pretty convoluted process
one nice thing about tezos is that exchanges can act as delegates, which creates great incentives
nikandro Do you expect to have any clarity on that prior to the ICO?
tranzer How can exchanges act as delegates?
breitwoman not sufficient to make an announcement but it's really not something I worry about
techbytes really. Than perhaps Poloniex will add tezos. :slightly_smiling_face:
breitwoman @tranzer you can assign your validation to an exchange's address
nikandro While im interested in developing more than anything, I also understand that trading is a good tool for price discovery, which is critical.
ryano You shouldn't have any trouble getting on an exchange and would be a low priority area to spend your energy while in development
breitwoman they have to volunteer of course @nikandro of course, completely agree. Arthur was a market maker on Wall Street for 10 years
he thinks about this... a lot
@ryano that's what I've heard but people like to be assured that the token will have a marketplace, which is reasonable
It does take a lot of energy and I've been lagging on that front
Security and legal concerns were priority #1, we can iterate and grow the team pretty rapidly after the sale
Having the Foundation build out and assume responsibilities for promoting the protocol will be much better than my one woman band :slightly_smiling_face:
mike I'd expect Bittrex no problem.
jakethepanda First alt-coin you bought?
mike mastercoin
nikandro Sorry to push the matter, but does this mean there will be no marketplace for Tezos after the ICO?
breitwoman @nikandro apparently there will be a futures market running
mike they can't announce if they did - exchanges have NDAs disallowing coins from announcing, leaving it up to the exchanges.
djselery lol, even if they had an exchange lined up right now they probly couldnt talk about it
nikandro @djselery , right, and I'm not asking for specifics, just wondering if implementation is in the pipeline.
breitwoman @nikandro it is
insofar as we have had many conversations/back and forth and its been very positive
I can't say much else other than it's a cumbersome process
nikandro Okay, thanks @breitwoman
jakethepanda I'm sure Tezos will be on an exchange. I don't think that's even an issue.
nikandro @jakethepanda I agree, I was just inquiring about the timeline and I think @breitwoman cleared that up. Many thanks.
jakethepanda @breitwoman Pizza or Sushi?
breitwoman @jakethepanda that's relative to location. In NY, I prefer pizza. Everywhere else, sushi :slightly_smiling_face:
rawzeee ^ good answer.
jakethepanda Tesla or Mercedes?
mward So @breitwoman 5000 TEZOS = 1 btc?
and 20% discount for firat 400 btc raised
dachshund will you be growing the team in NY, is mostly based in europe?
nikandro For sure! In brooklyn, I do the dollar slice ride. Bike around to each vendor that sells dollar slices. yay, pizza!
breitwoman To drive? Mercedes. Tesla's still don't have the handle I like :slightly_smiling_face:
@dachshund they're based in Europe, primarily but I don't have any plans to leave the US
sibars by the way, who designed the Tezos logo?
rawzeee @mward no. 400 is the BTC blocks mined for the first bonus period; it's a time thing. But the ratio you've cited is correct. And then the bonus rate decreases by 5% every 400 blocks until 2000 BTC blocks are mined. (edited)
breitwoman It's a character we found by looking through some libraries. I think it's a TZ symbol from a language that uses that combination often
mward @rawzeee when will it start?
rawzeee Though not a discount. It's a bonus.
May 22nd at 6am UTC.
mward thank you
breitwoman Hey guys, I have to hop on a call in a little. 2 more questions and I'll have to wrap this up!
moobox I don't have a question but i wish your group bon chance or however the French say .
tranzer So little women in here stay a little longer :sob:
ryano Thanks for hanging out and answering questions!
jakethepanda Thanks @breitwoman
breitwoman @moobox vielen dank
@tranzer haha, I'll be back!
moobox salutes like Benny Hill
rawzeee The subreddit is where a lot of discussion happens too: reddit • tezos reddit: the front page of the internet
techbytes Great AMA session. Thanks for stopping by and answering all the questions. Good luck on the project and I look forward to investing.
breitwoman @ryano thanks for having me! and the very cordial convo
boldninja @breitwoman thank you for taking the time for this AMA - I was just lurking, but all what I would ask was answered. I wish you all the best with ICO and I hope ARK and Tezos cooperate in the future.
breitwoman Thanks guys! Yeah, feel free to bolster our Reddit
mward Aurrevoir!
dr10 thank you very much :smile:
rawzeee Yes, thanks much everyone! So long!
breitwoman @boldninja great to hear it!
@dr10 thanks for the solid qs, really appreciate it
dr10 np :smile:
mike Thanks for stopping by, both of you, and taking the time to chat with us.
look forward to participating in Tezos.
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 83: "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

[Part 81] [Part 82] [[Part 83]] [[Part 84]] [[Part 85]] [[Part 86]] [[Part 87]] [[Part 88]] [[Part 89]] [[Part 90]]
  • Day 254.2. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. Day 254, little bit of a break here at Starbucks
    • I found Johnathan Chamber SCHAEFER again for the famous screenwriter
    • Just talking to him about his girlfriend is his trip to Israel in doing the background for the Art of Leonard
    • And I just wanted to now ask a little bit more about this upcoming movie
    • I always like to find out about upcoming movies
    • I think it's going to be called sirens of Syria
    • Sirens of Syria
    • Kind of a strong undertow member of dizziest with the pull both patriotic pull of country and romantic {{noise}} is going to be kind of a Doctor Zhivago type thing
    • JS: So what did you talk a little bit about planning period this is a story based on a true guy real guy from Syria
    • There are all kinds of refugees from Syria he's a very different kind of refugee
    • He's a guy who is doing very well in the Syrian system and the back of that system started to break I guess it hasn't yet broken the grip of the Syrian tyranny on his mind cracked and he basically became a totally different Huma being
    • So that the transformation he goes through as a result of this civil war
    • G: Now we have a treatment out there in their literary world you write this treatment
    • Kind of details the whole plot, because the producers don't want to actually have to read the script right?
    • JS: haha that's right
    • G: And he's a little bit farther along than that but we're not going to talk about that
    • So now you probably already said Jonathan Schaefer is that S C H A E F E R -- JOHNATHAN SCHAEFER is that the right spelling?
    • JS: that's the correct spelling there was a really shitty beer made in New York State many years ago no relation unfortunately
    • So if you google that name you might find a few appearances on a few soap operas and a few independent films and I think beautiful mind I think you're up for a part with a beautiful mind as the girlfriend of Jennifer Connelly in that, and what happened?
    • JS: I auditioned to Ron Howard and the only I'll say about that is Ron I knew I was going to punishing for Ron Howard I was
    • So excited I watched every movie they are made every interview I could get my hands on and he talked about when he got out of film school he was only 19 years old he went to UCLA, after having been a childhood star, and we said even though ever knew he was only 19 no one would give him money to make a film
    • So he said he thought for a minute about making the year he graduated UCLA film the highest-grossing film was DEEPTHROAT
    • So he thought that I thought for a minute of making a film called "Opie gets laid"
    • So he never made that
    • Never he managed to get funding in other ways he's still willing to make that film
    • All right we're going to have maybe a few more vignettes here from Jonathan as big days to come
    • So we'll see what happens
  • Day 254.3. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. It's Day 253
    • And this is part three and I just thought I'd do a quick breakdown of the video I did before
    • Sorry about the music in the background
    • This is Clinton Foundation
    • As I've said before I've divided this between the hills and the bills and the hills
    • This is the old Clinton Foundation this is the new Bruce Lindsay was a lawyer all the way back to Arkansas then becomes the president of the Clinton Foundation
    • Then of course Eric Braverman later takes that role as the Hillary replacement that Chelsea puts Eric Braverman in
    • Of course poor chef Doug Band who is the key counsel of Bill Clinton during that with his White House days did all the deals basically good-old-boy deals with Bill Clinton
    • This close personal confident of Bill Clinton
    • Laura Graham also could maybe be considered a bill maybe it'd be considered a hill
    • She had a lot of problems trying to negotiate this world between the two
    • Of course she's the person's trying to drive off the Staten Island Ferry to commit suicide because she's
    • So confused and torn about that
    • And of course now we get to the technical level
    • This is Justin Cooper he's the key hacker
    • This is the Chelsea Clinton writes an email about Justin, saying she reads all of Bill Clinton's emails, he's putting spyware on all the Blackberries, "He's spying on us he's spying on us and spying on us"
    • Of course that means that Bryan Pagliano is spying on the Bills
    • So so Justin is spying on the Hills, Brian is spying on the Bills
    • How does that net out in terms of business?
    • Well, Teneo is the group inside a Clinton foundation for the old Bills... of selling influence, and influence peddling
    • The new one for the Hills is the Podesta group: Tony Podesta and all the players they are
    • Joule energy
    • Uranium one Frank Giustra the key companies that are used as not necessarily fronts, but they're involved in the shipping, air, land and sea, for dictators around the world for
    • Oops--out of focus for some...for a second don't know why, sorry about that
    • The key companies involved are decision scientists
    • And of course this morning I expose the Awans at several airlines for sea shipping and land shipping
    • Basically it was Brian Pagliano that's going to be stealing information from the Decision Sciences, from Teneo, pulling it over here for the Awans for the air, land, and sea business
    • With the Bills, it was weapons and uranium
    • The thing that the Hills are going to add is not only weapons depleted uranium weapons, but also this white phosphorus
    • This is going to be why Eric Braverman leaves the Clinton Foundation
    • Because the white phosphorus weapons these disfiguring weapons that eat through skin to the bone
    • So this was the days of hoe and blow and
    • Now we've gone to the days of white phosphorus and organ harvesting
    • You might remember the movie "white mischief"?
    • Well this is white phosphorus
  • Day 255.1. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. This is Day 255 part 1
    • Happy Fourth of July everybody
    • Here on 23rd Street again the site of the Braverman bombing
    • Still the windows are not fixed as you can see behind me
    • Now I'm going to just talk about GID a little bit
    • GID is the Intelligence services of Egypt
    • So I'm going to take what's known as a giddy walk: when you when GID guys go for a walk, it's called a giddy walk
    • So we're going to a giddy walk today
    • I'll be a little giddy because I'm doing GID
    • And I'm just going to say that for the Braverman bombing here for these two guys to be taking these two pressure cookers over four blocks in New York there's a lot of cameras so it's not a conspiracy it's called a camera, okay.?
    • The first camera I'm going to highlight is the picture the camera that took the picture of the guys which is right over there walking down the street with the two bombs.
    • There's another picture of them leaving the hotel with the two pressure cooker bombs
    • But we're just going to walk and I'm gonna talk about a whole bunch of different a whole bunch of different items today
    • But I want you to think about how many cameras in that hat you're passing as I do the walk
    • Now as they go by you're going to see the NYPD published a picture of the two guys the two Egyptian pilots and then later they were security forces that came in
    • So just imagine the amount of trouble to fly those two guys into New York, get the two pressure cooker bombs at the hotel or wherever they picked them up, roll them down here to 23rd Street, and roll them up 27th Avenue--23rd to 7th...27th Street and then over to where they end up ended up, dropping the second bomb, which didn't go off, okay?
    • So here's what I'm saying if that was depleted uranium--if they knew the Awan Brothers and the bomb that went off right here was depleted uranium, this whole neighborhood would have been affected
    • That's why this isn't just the game.
    • This is a very serious national threat very serious actual threat
    • There goes our first responders they also have body cameras, and would like to see those for Seth Rich by the way
    • Now that there's first responders that have come forward and that Seth Rich case
    • So we're going to talk about brainy blonde in little it talked about the calls of the help desk for the Seth Rich who drove the NPV Van, all that stuff
    • But let's just take the walk now and I'm going to walk here
    • Boom no depleted-uranium and this one right
    • So thank God but NYPD publishes a picture of the two guys right here right here as you pass this little parking meter, that's where their picture is first published and APB is put out
    • Now why would you shut that down?
    • Now later they identified the two guys
    • Remember, as I walk along here, every business has the camera
    • Also look up here on both sides its cameras all over the place,okay
    • So we're still walking along
    • Now as I walk in and you just start realizing the amount of cameras that would have to be along here
    • This is not a conspiracy. This is called camera. Okay.
    • These guys had to walk all along here
    • Now the question you have to ask yourself is: "why would the FBI let these guys go?"
    • You have their picture, you have an all-points bulletin of the GIDs on the giddy walk, you got your GIDs, your pilots, your Egyptian pilots on the giddy walk, why would you let them out of the country?
    • Now they identified them to the American public after they left the country
    • Why would you do that?
    • Why wouldn't you hold them for a couple of days anyway, and say, "hey what's going on here?" --totally understand the crime
    • The guy in New Jersey they ended up arresting was never photographed here
    • He was never photographed on 27th Street he was never photographed anywhere along the walk I'm taking
    • If you just look around when you cross the corner like 23rd Street and 7th Avenue they're cameras everywhere
    • You've never been on camera so much in your life than right here
    • There's the Bronx station and it's just it's almost
    • So let's switch quickly I'll talk about a couple other topics as we take this walk
    • You also have a situation with an Awan dying or getting murdered on Pennsylvania Avenue
    • And he's going to be connected with that DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs DC DCRA--we talked about it yesterday
    • He's going to be murdered not far from Pennsylvania Avenue in 2008
    • So I'm not going to talk about that today but tonight on the show, I will talk about it more
    • I've just made it up one block here the 24th Street
    • And you can already see on both sides how many cameras you would have to pass
    • I'm not even up to the whole foods and Jason Goodman's home here on 25th Street Okay.
    • ( We've never ever withheld where Jason Goodman lived yet some people are saying he lives in Tarzana California. Somebody else published the fact that he lives here. Great that's what we've said all along )
    • So I'm not going to walk the whole distance, but you can see that I've only walked one street out of the four
    • Plus I have to go in on 27 back east on 27th Street there's cameras literally everywhere
    • Why wouldn't the FBI publish this in profusion?
    • But you have to ask yourself, "do you trust the FBI?"
    • "Do you trust Andrew McCabe who shut down the Hillary investigation?"
    • Who shut down the Huma investigation
    • Who shut down the Awan brothers investigation?
    • Who shut down to the Monica Peterson investigation
    • And where are we? Who are we investigating?
    • Me!
    • *I'm the only guy who's in a fight over DU with the FBI
    • And I've never touched DU in my life
    • I've never owned a shipping container
    • I've never shipped anything into the United States
    • I've never shit owned a shipping company in the United States
    • I've never owned a shipping company in Pakistan
    • I've never held a diplomatic passport
    • I've never been a member of a royal family
    • I've never taken any training Intelligence training
    • I've I've never committed any crimes on Congress....any burglaries
    • I've never threatened anybody with kidnapping
    • Yet I and the only guy--I'm the only guy who's got a trial related to depleted uranium in the United States right now
    • And I'm still the only person to have a trial involved with Clinton Foundation
  • Day 255.2 Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. It's day 255 part 2
    • What did Braverman tell us to do? What did Braverman say?
    • Follow the money
    • Why hasn't anybody in this investigation been following the money?
    • We're following body camera footage that doesn't exist--the following first responder cameras that don't exist
    • {{ Partymode-activated scrunchie photobombs George }}
    • << Haaay Scrunchie.....I wanna party wit-chu >>
    • So anyway why not follow the money?
    • Amalgamated Bank well why am I in front of Amalgamated Bank?
    • Well because they could have saved a lot of letters if they just said SEIU Bank, right
    • This is the bank of the Clinton Foundation
    • Why wouldn't you follow the money if you were a New York FBI doing a field investigation
    • Why wouldn't you follow the money?
    • Well who was the CFO that was the CFO of SEIU?
    • Keith Mestrich just think of an ostrich but take the OS off and put an mes
    • Keith Mestrich was the CFO of SEIU and it's the president of Amalgamated Bank
    • This is like one simple google search if you were FBI in New York field office FBI
    • And Eric Braverman came to you, and said, "hey follow the money"
    • You'd go, "hey Eric, just wait here a second in the lobby over here at FBI field office. We'll google Amalgamated Bank. Oh Keith Mestrich he was also CFO of SEIU."
    • You would also probably say, "well who is the CFO over at DNC?"
    • You could just do this
    • Well you remember when you're a little kid in art class, and they had you cut a strip of paper, and then you turned it and glued it a half turn, and then you put a pen on it, you did a crayon all around it found it with continuous
    • Aand kept on going forever remember
    • That strip remember what that strip was called?
    • That was the mobius strip
    • Well just put a tee instead of the M--that's Tobias
    • Because the money just circulates back to the Clinton Foundation no matter if it's supposed to go out to the states, the Tobias strip brings it right back into Amalgamated Bank.
    • If the states all give money to the DNC, and then the Amalgamated bank's supposed to take it back out, it's a rubber band: it comes straight back into Amalgamated Bank
    • Andy. Andy Tobias. Then the DNC very good friends of the Clintons then the treasurer of the DNC since 99 check it out 1999
    • So wouldn't you---if your field FBI and Eric Braverman walked into your office, when you start right here at Amalgamated Bank, if you were following the money the Clinton Foundation
    • This is the Clinton Foundation's Bank okay
    • So let's walk down the street a little bit I'm going to go to Cohens
    • Now who's Dave Cohen?
    • Well he ran the New York Police Department's intel unit for about 12 years
    • I think Mr. Cohen has pretty good eyes
    • I respect Mr. Cohen I indirectly work for him
    • Pretty damn smart guy, through you Rudy Giuliani's organization
    • Pretty damn smart guy look up Dave Cohen
    • You don't think he'd be smart enough to go and get Justin Cooper
    • Go and get somebody who was disaffected within the Clinton Foundation
    • You don't think he'd be smart enough to do that and say, "hey I need to get you I need an inside guy, who's getting the emails brought up here in the NGP vans at the Clinton Foundation"
    • Somebody who could hack into the Clinton Foundation
    • Get those emails of those seven financial people don't you think the FBI and NYPD Intel are smart enough to follow the money
    • The seven people involved in the money at the Clinton Foundation the NYPD is not going to run around after the body cams that don't exist
    • Oh by the way this is right on the track right
    • There's variety down there this is right on the track of the giddy guys the GID guys the Egyptian bombers
    • They take your right body the bank
    • It could be easier I can't believe all these things are linked together
    • Literally they walked up here with a second bomb, the second pressure cooker, the roller, the two Egyptian pilots, and they walk you right by Amalgamated Bank
    • So it's Keith Mestrich CEO was the CFO at at SEIU
    • Podesta, Andy Stern, all the SEIU beetles. Hey the SEIU beetles get to have a bank too, right?
    • So now I won't walk over to the--well, why not? Let's walk over to the DNC phones
    • Let's do a hack or let's do a leak one of the -- let's do one of the two
    • So we're going to do is we're going to be the FBI
    • I'm going to be I'm going to play Adrian Hawkins
    • And I'm going to call Yarid Tameen at the help desk, and I'm going to say, "hey you've been hacked" on one of the phones
    • And the other phone is going to be the DCCC, and that's going to be connected by a VPN on Ivy Street there in Washington DC
    • So these two phones one's going to be the DNC and the other is going to be the DCCC
    • So here we go going to do a little role play here
    • Remember: I'm Adrian Hawkins with the FBI. Right?
    • So I'm going to ring I'm going to ring here
    • Bring Bring,
    • G-ADRIAN "hey hey DNC. I'm Adrian Hawkins.
    • G-TAMEEN: "Hello YARID TAMEEN what's what's the trouble?"
    • G-ADRIAN: "Are you are you the helpdesk?
    • G-TAMEEN: "Yeah I'm helpdesk."
    • G-ADRIAN: "Well you've been hacked. What day is it? It's September 2015. You've been hacked
    • G-TAMEEN: "Oh you're so funny scrunchie, I'm going to ignore you"
    • So October
    • G-ADRIAN: "Hey you've been hacked again"
    • G-TAMEEN: "Oh scrunchie you so funny I don't believe you oh-kaaay"
    • So this goes on for a couple months until November
    • Until finally, they have a meeting, and they come up with the Uretsky thing, and of course they blame the whistleblower again
    • And then three more calls the helpdesk until April, till Bernie drops the lawsuit
    • Bernie drops a lawsuit on April 29th, the same day we have an email come out about Amy Dacey saying, "oh we got hacked"
    • So it's eight months later at the night of the White House Correspondents Dinner Amy Dacey admits they got hacked
    • So we're going to leave it right there that's a lot of information
    • But do you believe this story, with--look up Adrian Hawkins calling help desk.
    • Hey scrunchie we don't believe you
    • YARID Y A R I D Tameen T A M E E N
    • He's the guy on the help desk MIS is the company name in Chicago, taking the calls from the FBI
    • The six calls and the two meetings but now it's the most important thing on the national agenda
    • Before it was six calls to the help desk and two meetings
    • But now it's the most important thing in our democracy that we get to the bottom of
    • This hack
    • Or leak
  • Day 256.1. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. Day 256 part one
    • Is last day here
    • But my eighth-grade teacher told me she said comparison and contrast is a key assay
    • You have to learn how to compare and contrast
    • So I just wanted to compare the Egyptian pilots security guys GID whatever you want to call them, with my situation, in my case
    • Remember, all I did was I got called by the Coast Guard three times. Three times. And I told them the same thing every time
    • Check the for diplomatic containers if with standard practices if they say Awan brothers Awan brothers transport
    • I think is what I said or Awan/ Brothers Inc the two
    • I can't remember if I said a third Awan brothers transit I think maybe
    • But I said if it has one of those a1 names check through diplomatic containers standard scan ok
    • Now contrast this with the two guys or start walking it
    • There's these two Egyptian guys security services
    • We don't know if they had diplomatic passports
    • But we know they dropped off a bomb
    • We know the bomb went off and if it would have had red bag waste radioactive waste, it would have been a dirty bomb
    • If it would have had depleted uranium it would have been a dirty bomb
    • Bill de Blasio the mayor of New York called the nightmare scenario
    • About that incident that night.
    • Pictures taken right here the parking thing
    • The other reason I walk the route a lot is there's got to be it was 8:30 at night there's got to be a lot of people that were out here this is the workday
    • Now this morning that's me a lot of people that remember that night 8:30 Saturday night Chelsea fun night people walking around having fun going to dinner
    • They would remember two Egyptian guys rolling that tiger bag
    • So we focused on the tiger bag
    • That's what we were focused on the pressure cookers inside of it give people an idea of the shape right
    • So that's that's what we're doing there
    • So let's shift off that
    • Move over to the news that came out with WikiLeaks this morning WikiLeaks had a tweet that said the CIA tried to influence 1,800 different narratives of different works in books okay
    • Now most Americans don't realize that the CIA is involved and that type of activity right
    • So what they do is they're very subtle it's extremely subtle its covert but it's real and that's the important thing to remember
    • {{ 911: Francis Stonor Saunders: "Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters" // "Who paid the Piper?: CIA and the Cultural Cold War"
    • If the CIA can pay for 1,800 if you could read the WikiLeaks this morning to influence 1,800 books, it's always through a friend of a friend through a well-known literary agent calls and asks two or three of a friend
    • But it's always people that you're impressed by ... they're CEOs always that are trying to influence you
    • And you're they say well you should you should do a book about this guy who's an art collector
    • Let's call it the Art of being Leonard or you should do a book about this super-rich Syrian guy that owns these hospitals
    • Let's call it sirens of Syria or whatever
    • Now I'm not saying that's what happened with Jonathan Schafer
    • But I'm the reason why I kind of brought Jonathan into the picture, and I'll be right here to see if easier this morning in few minutes reason why I brought him into the picture was to just show how the people that are actually writing the screenplays, that are the screenwriters, don't actually know that they're potentially a part or being co-opted into a narrative and
    • So my point is in the same way the CIA uses influence and uses your inputs if they can control your inputs what goes in your eyes and your ears they control your outputs and your actions right?
    • Larry Larry Nichols said in all soft coups you control the media
    • You don't control the military, you control the media
    • So in the same way to counter that Counterintelligence is to preempt
    • I think I said this last night
    • YOu have to preempt that message with truth
    • And it can't be truth like, "oh here's my press release that I tagged from Associated Press versus their press release," because they're always going to win that validation game
    • What you have to do get the phone in your hand go to the location actually do the reporting
    • That trumps these press releases that the guy is a reporter for the Hoboken Gazette
    • He goes out, and he gets validated by AP
    • Now everyone starts quoting the AP story--the CIA's been doing this for years
    • The only difference is the CNN took the role of AP
    • So for the BuzzFeed peepee dossier, immediately two minutes after the PP dossier was out, you had CNN's say, "hey look at this," and then was ten different people commenting on that
    • So it'll turn not all the bad guys are guys
    • So we're going to turn to somebody who is the treasurer for the Clinton Foundation victory fund
    • The victory fund she's going to be involved with TENEO and she's going to be involved with a CGI, which is the Clinton Global Initiative
    • Which is if if unit eight in France wants to take money out of every ticket, when you fly to France, to fight AIDS in Africa
    • They don't need the Clinton Global Initiative to broker anything
    • They don't need CGI.
    • They just need to give it to the people who need it in Africa
    • There's plenty of NGOs that can be worked with
    • That was the whole idea of the Clinton Global Initiative--they inserted themselves in all of these donation deals
    • And they ended up keeping about thirty percent of the money
    • This bank--if somebody came forward and said, "well not really SEIU--they're really acting as a front. They're really acting as a front for the Saudis, theyre really acting as a front for the Saudis so it's not so bad.
    • Well and there's this guy I can't remember his name...Sheikh Masood...back in BCCI days--this goes back 30 years
    • "Oh they're just really acting as a front for the Saudis, so it's not as bad"
    • I think that's worse
    • I think that's worse that that a Union Bank--SEIU Bank, Amalgamated Bank--would act as a proxy for the Saudis
    • Not a good situation
    • You're going to have a lot of George Soros money today
    • Democracy Alliance: again another appendage of Amalgamated Bank
    • They're going to have them doing all kinds of Antifada or whatever--antifa
    • Today in New York protesting the presidency of Donald Trump--what's to protest? What has he done?
    • We nominated a billion dollar cabinet
    • So there's really not much to protest
    • They got everything they wanted
    • I mean Wilbur Ross was the one who bailed out our current deputy--our current Department of Commerce director Wilbur Ross bailed out Amalgamated Bank
    • Alright we're going to talk to Jonathan
    • We're going to try to get Jonathan to write the true story about Syria
    • And that's why I've been talking to Jonathan I'm going to actually use this as a use case, about how you can use truth to overcome CIA influence
  • Day 256.2. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. We've got de 256 part 2
    • And here we are back at the DNC phone booth
    • Of course we have our DCCC phone booth and they're connected together by a VPN in the same building on Ivy Street
    • So let's recreate the hack again, September 2015, I'm Adrian Hawkins
    • ADRIAN: hey you read a help desk over at GNC you're being hacked
    • TAMEEN: Hey scrunchie! How you doin' FBI. Let's say well let's say I ignore you for three months in a row. You make the same you've been hacked call three months in a row?
    • Click
    • But somewhere in there Adrian Hawkins tells Yarid Tameen you have one computer one you have one computer calling home
    • Like maybe Seth Rich's computer. Seth Rich's laptop calling home to 1222 Euclid Avenue, 1222 Euclid Avenue
    • Not first Avenue, because on my helping the NSA here do the trace, because the actual phoning home is actually going to happen every day every day
    • Every day the backup software that Seth installs on his laptop is going to be phoning home a certain time of day
    • Because see that Clinton's love to be able to say oops I did it again
    • Oops it was automated backup software that I didn't realize when I took I didn't realize when I took my laptop home, it automatically synced
    • Where have we heard this before?
    • We've heard this before with Huma with her blackberry
    • She didn't realize it was syncing with Anthony Weiner's laptop the 650 thousand emails
    • The Anthony's trusted staff the Awan brothers--they didn't realize when they sent these secure phones out to different senators and Congressmen with the laptops in their offices
    • They didn't realize that the syncing was happening the desktop syncing
    • Thank you very much James Comey and Andrew McCabe for proving me right on that blackberry syncing
    • Now we've got to know if Seth Rich had a blackberry--that would that would be very interesting
    • We don't even need that
    • YARID TAMEEN got the call from Adrian Hawkins, "hey you've got one one computer phoning phoning that's home home phoning home"
    • Like it wasn't to Russia, it wasn't to Colorado... it was to Washington DC...
    • You basically you have one worker who has their system configured, who has administrative rights to the NGP van software, phoning home on a daily basis
    • On a daily syncing it could even be more frequent than that
    • So I might have blown it in saying there were monthly moves to the NGP van software
    • It could be moot, it could have daily syncs, and he was sinking the whole NGP database to his laptop
    • That may be why--even though Seth Rich is not a Federal employee,
    • Even though he was killed in a simple robbery, we are told
    • That may be why they invaded his house at 1222 Euclid Avenue,
    • And that's why they seized his laptop
    • And that's why they seized his phone
    • And that's why those items are in Clarksburg West Virginia right now, in the FBI vault
    • And people say, "Oh Seth wasn't that technical"
    • He could always have his help from his brother, who's got top-secret clearance, he's an incredible programmer a hacker, who hacks for who else but Northrop Grumman, which is right across the street in Alexandria Virginia, from who?
    • CrowdStrike!
    • And Demetri Alperovitz
  • Day 256.3. Hillary's Leakers Hackers and Henchmen
    • Okay. It's Day 254 This is part 3
    • I'm here at beautiful Greely square
    • The reason why I was making fun of Yareed Tamin and FBI with Mr. Hawkins, Adrian Hawkins, because it's a school play.
    • And it throws you off from the real facts
    • The real facts and way to follow the case is do what Braverman said, "follow the money."
    • Follow the money you get it every time
    • Braverman leaves at the end of 2014-2015 is when the DNC email started
    • The seven people that are listed in the emails, are all financial people
    • The reason why is Braverman is pointing field FBI here in New York toward financial people
    • The people who internet analyzed original emails of the DNC are looking for transfers of information that support or take away from money transfers, from the DNC, to here in New York
    • The way it's done is I've explained through Amalgamated Bank
    • The account is going to be called a victory for Hillary fund
    • The person managing that is going to be Beth Jones
    • The person managing the DNC on the other end is going to be Andrew Tobias
    • That's who the two players are that are moving the money from the DNC to the victory for Hillary Fund in Brooklyn
    • Just that simple
    • The way it all starts is Braverman initially originally goes to the press in May
    • That's going to be the articles right after the New York Times story breaks about the private server
    • That's when the whole goose one story comes up goose is going to be a story it's going to be a diversion
    • Goose is not a hack
    • Goodse is an internal leak
    • Someone internal to the Clinton Foundation leaks the server
    • That's going to be Justin Cooper
    • The reason why is because Andrew Pagliano built that server
    • G: Bryan Pagliano sorry built that server
    • That's when they're first tipped off to Clinton email server
    • Goose didn't discover Clinton email and Clinton email server
    • Braverman then goes to the FBI field FBI here in New York in June of 2015
    • Now you're going to see all those articles come out about IRA Magaziner
    • Why?
    • Because IRA is taking that unit UNITAID money, money for a Africa
    • And he's taking half of it, the Clinton Global Initiative is taking a 50% cut, that's not getting to Africa
    • And on top of it, IRA Magaziner is bringing in generic drug makers that are quarter-weighting and half-weighting the drugs that are coming into Africa
    • That's why Braverman ghosts the FBI in New York, the FBI has their own agenda though in their investigation,
    • And they implant someone here--they have a informant here in Brooklyn, and uptown here, we're going to go in a minute
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JRE Timeline 677 Josh Zepps

$2 optional payment for doing this good work
For BitCoin tippers
Today's guest is Hmm, a drinking and news podcast, that show is either going to be either really good or really bad. Last appearance was jre 571
If its not up by 8pm PT I'm going to bed.
Podcast starts at 10:11
Peter Singer does have 3 children
Re:Trophy Hunting-"If they really wanted to use money for conservation, they could donate it" was on his most recent We The People Live
18:42 Jericho is a pretty bad ass name
But the judge condemned what he called a culture of “meet, hook-up, have sex, sayonara, totally inappropriate behavior,” according to court documents.
44:00 Northern Namibia (CNN) In January 2014, Corey Knowlton bid $350,000 for a permit to hunt and kill a black rhino in Namibia.
47:00 How wolves change rivers
Chinese also buy e-sports teams, one even had a League of Legends team in NA (LMQ) named after his mistress.
1:20:00 WTPLIVE is owned by a band with the same name
1:21:00 He should be an interesting guest, but man he ruined the baseball Hall of Fame, and possibly killed the industry.
1:26:21 Has anyone tried this beer? Eh, I probably will now
Going to go get some Black Butte now, brb.
Black Butte is good at room temperature, I have an affinity for porters, but I don't drink much.
Speaking of Psychedelics, I advise taking them on the 4th of July every year you can go to an amazing Fireworks show.
Jeez I'm floating off one bear what is the abv? 5.2% maybe i should eat carbs crikey.
1:46:53 Has anyone seen Mr Nobody? The movie is about the last man not living in the machines. I'll probably watch it after I finish the esther timeline.
Acropolis is the name of the area, Parthenon is the upper-most building
2:09:00 More spots if you count the nuclear radiation dumps Waste lasts 10 thousand to 1 MILLION years..
2:14:20 The John Oliver Bit
2:18:00 Instant Video, a book
2:29:00 "I spray my white male privilege like cum"
Trans suicide rates are around 50%, pretty awful.
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¿CÓMO GANAR DINERO CON BITCOINS y CRIPTOMONEDAS? **Tips ... Un Gran Misterio se Esconde detrás del Bitcoin - YouTube 1000 piek verdubbelen  BITCOIN NAAR DE MAAN! EN TERUG #1 ... Dialog : Menakar Risiko Bitcoin - YouTube The Rise of Bitcoin and Other Stupid Meme Currencies: The ...

Meet The Band . Clyde Lawrence. Keys, Lead Vocals New York, NY. Professional Settlers of Catan player. Enjoys playing music in his spare time. Gracie Lawrence . Lead Vocals, Tambourine New York, NY. On the Real Housewives of NYC, my tagline would be “Try to cross me and I will sing the highest note of Limbo in your face.” Marc Langer. Trumpet, Bongos, Headband New Rochelle, NY. A ... The project is outperforming Bitcoin's own volume... Read more. LATEST STORIES. Fashionably Late: PayPal Finally Joins The Crypto Industry. Bitcoin News CryptoCoin.News-October 22, 2020. PayPal has finally decided to join the crypto industry, and it will soon start allowing users to buy and sell coins. Initially, PayPal... Read more. OKEx Announces The Return Of P2P Fiat Trading. News ... Was eine Bitcoin Wallet ist, erfahren Sie auch bei uns. Gehandelt werden Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin und Dash. Als europäisches Unternehmen erlaubt BitPanda das Tätigen von Käufen nur innerhalb der EU. Verkaufen können Sie Ihre Kryptowährungen dagegen von jedem Ort der Welt aus. Nutzererfahrungen: Die Kunden von Bitpanda loben vor allem den offensichtlich guten Service das Anbieters ... ZEITmagazin ONLINE ist die emotionale Seite von ZEIT ONLINE. Hier finden Sie tagesaktuellen Magazinjournalismus zu Mode & Design, Essen & Trinken und Leben. Die auf zum Handel angebotenen Kryptowährungen sind nicht für alle Investoren geeignet. Stellen Sie daher unbedingt sicher, dass Sie die mit dem Handel von Kryptowährungen verbundenen Risiken vollständig verstanden haben und lassen Sie sich gegebenenfalls von einer unabhängigen und sachkundigen Person oder Institution beraten, bevor Sie den Handel aufnehmen. Ihre etwaigen ...

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After the first Bitcoin Halving in November 2012 the price of Bitcoin crashed more than 80% a couple months later. How likely is such a Bitcoin dump after th... Ever since the bitcoin boom of late 2017, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple, and even DogeCoin have made their way into the mainstream... Gier frisst Hirn. Diese einfache Erkenntnis ist nicht neu. Denken wir nur an die börseneuphorische, die sich vor knapp 20 Jahren weltweit aufba... Ronny Chieng stumbles upon a lucrative cryptocurrency idea while investigating Bitcoin's rapid surge. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: http://... Harga Bitcoin melambung sangat tinggi dan menjadi pilihan investasi yang sangat menggiurkan. Disisi lain, Bank Indonesia meminta masyarakat untuk sangat berh...