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ctrlaltweed and PREMIUMGOODS are 100% involved in the Sheep scam - PROOF (xpost SR2.0 forum)

ctrlaltweed and PREMIUMGOODS - 2 Czech weed growers\sellers. Only ever sold weed in small amount and normal weed prices. They are friends - confirmed on Sheep forum
ctrlaltweed - moderator and admin of Sheep from the start
2 days ago when the worst part of the withdrawal panic, during the "countdown" which we now know was also a scam to get users to deposit more to make their balance over 1 bitcoin so they can withdraw, these 2 vendors DROP PRICES BY 75%+ on all products. BOTH VENDORS AT SAME TIME. They also add new bulk listings which they never had before. They also add new drugs at v good price - cocaine meth MDMA etc which they never ever done before. NEVER
Then they TELL USERS BY PM that they should deposit quickly and buy the CHEAP CHEAP products because the prices will not be this low ever again. THEY TRYING TO GET USERS TO DEPOSIT MORE BTC AT THE WORST TIME.
Once someone notice this and word goes out to public they remove all listings and now pretend to be VICTIM like everyone else. If ctrlaltweed is so worried about withdraw like he says, why he make all these new listings and try to sell as much products as possible and try to get users to deposit much bitcoins?? He pretends now to be victim, but he knows everything
ONLY EXPLANATION FOR THIS IS the owner of Sheep told them to do this. To get as much bitcoin into Sheep as possible. Maybe ctrlaltweed is even the owner of Sheep
I know lot of conspiracy right now. But this one has REAL EVIDENCE. VERY STRONG EVIDENCE.
Also people talk about CZMadeMan but I don't know about him...
Many people talking quietly about this on reddit or some forum threads. But now has to be HIGHLIGHTED. HAS TO BE A MAIN POINT OF INVESTIGATION
You want to find the money? You start with ctrlaltweed and PREMIUMGOODS
EDIT 1 - Of course it matter. Because now everyone talks about EBOOK101 or this guy Tomas
Real place you have to look - ctrlaltweed and PREMIUMGOODS. They 100% know this is happening. 100%. Evidence too strong
EDIT 2 - Also its funny where does the EBOOK101 story come from? FROM CTRLALTWEED SHEEP PROFILE. He is first one to spread this story because he made it
ctrlaltweed did this SHEEP SCAM or he knows exactly who did and he is involved at VERY HIGH LEVEL
Any person who has been online A LOT in last 2 days and has followed the happenings CLOSELY know this is true. 100%
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